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Lavanya Arora

5/1/20234 min read

If you have ever been in a relationship that did not work out, you would know one thing for sure - Just because he/she is the right person now, he/she may not be the right person tomorrow.

This understanding, while so simple, took me some personal and shared experiences to understand. But when I did understand this nuance of relationships, I faced another problem that you might be facing right now. How do you assess whether you have a future together?

So, to help you find that out, I have worked on this energy-based blog post that will help you gain a deeper insight into your current dynamics with the person you are interested in and whether you two have a future together.

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For an accurate career tarot reading, you need to calm your mind. Please close your eyes and take two deep breaths and now choose the card number which instinctively draws your attention.

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Choice 1 - The Fool (Reversed)

Do you have a future together? NO

Even if your partner is everything you've ever dreamed of in a fling—sensuous, exciting, and chilled-out—these qualities alone might not be enough to make a long-term commitment. The more time you spend with your partner, the more attracted you will be to them. You might be too fascinated with your partner to see things as they really are. Your partner may be too immature to handle a truly loving relationship.

Despite the fact that they may enjoy your company, they have no intention of deceiving you or leading you on, and they also have no plans to settle down with you.

Your partner doesn't value the relationship as much as you do. They want to experience the thrill of being in a relationship with you, even if it means engaging in harmful behaviors you wouldn't normally try. As soon as you start talking about commitment, they might get the impression that their freedom and independence are being threatened, which could put a damper on their ambitions. As a result, there is not much of a future for the two of you together.


Choice 2 - Queen of Pentacles

Do you have a future together? Yes

You two have a beautiful, supportive, and loving relationship. Your partner is calm, sensual, and sexy. Their life goals are specific. So, they make sure to work hard for what they want and how they want to get it.

The element of the Queen of Pentacles is the earth, which deals with the physical parts of life. Because of this, you and your partner are both aware of your material desires and how much you'd like to enjoy them with each other. You both need to know that you're in a stable, secure relationship with someone who cares as much as you do. You need loyalty, faithfulness, and financial security because neither of you will be attracted to a partner who is going nowhere or is financially careless with no plans or ambitions. Your relationship represents two successful, self-made people.

Therefore, you and your partner are compatible with other people who share your values or are similarly proactive. You may have met at college or work. You won't rush into marriage and will save for the right home. If you or your partner share goals, you'll work together to achieve them. Failure to achieve your goals is not an option for you both. After all of the effort has been put in, you guys will have lots of free time to celebrate. This makes your match a very compatible one.


Choice 3 - Ten of Wands

Do you have a future together? Maybe

You may be solely responsible for your relationship's existence. You may feel like one partner works hard while the other does not. Things may be extremely different behind closed doors in your relationship compared to how they appear to the outside world. You may be concealing troubles from friends and family. If the relationship stumbles or doesn't go as planned, you tend to carry all the blame. Because of a lack of support from your partner, you may either be blamed or made to feel guilty for being too busy with your job or business to spend time with them.

Ask for help if you love your partner. Your partner needs to know what you're feeling and thinking to be able to give you the support you need and expect. This can calm your partner, reduce your stress, and bring you two closer. Your relationship may feel more like work than fun at this point. You may be struggling as a couple with various burdens. You may be concerned about finances, your career, your family, or your health. But you must share whatever you feel to reduce pressure and feel supported in order to maintain your work and relationship.

If you're willing to stick together through the tough times, things will get better.

It may be difficult and draining. But you won't have to do all this hard work forever, and when it's done, you'll be thrilled with what you've actually achieved.


Is this message personalized?

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