Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Tarot prediction 12th February to 18th February 2023

Kick-start the third week of February 2023 with a bang. Read our weekly tarot horoscope to learn more about what the cards hold for you regarding personal relationships and professional challenges.


Lavanya Arora

2/11/20236 min read

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To know weekly tarot reading, you must calm your mind and select a choice that grabs your attention.

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Choice 1 - Ten Of Cups

The energies this week are all about finding lasting joy and satisfying connections on a deep spiritual and emotional level. Good times with the family, generosity, and laughter are in store for you. You can have an abundance of everything you require and have an incredible sense of luck. The efforts you've made in the past will pay off for you. If you or a loved one has been separated because of travel or work, you may be able to look forward to a happy homecoming or family gathering in the near future.

If you're in a relationship:

Your relationship will thrive and flourish. You'll be enthusiastic and happier. Now is a wonderful time to decide whether you want to enter a more serious relationship or start a family. If you and a partner have been separated for some time, there is hope that you may be able to get back together in the near or far future.

If you're single:

Either you will enter into a new long-term relationship that will provide you with safety and stability, or you will look for a relationship that matches your criteria.


Everything at work should be running smoothly, and you may even start to reap the rewards of your efforts soon. It's likely that you'll finally have some downtime to spend with your loved ones and take pleasure in the fruits of your labours when they come as a result of your hard work.

Choice 2 - Ace Of Pentacles

The energy for this week is indicative of fresh starts and financial success. Because it carries with it feelings of enthusiasm, inspiration, and new, exciting energy, you will find that you have a highly positive outlook. You will be able to take the necessary steps to turn your aspirations into reality. The time has come for you to realise your aspirations and manifest your goals. You are going to feel inspired and ready to take on the difficulties.

If you're in a relationship:

You will soon experience a time of prosperity and peace. You will both feel incredibly blessed and protected by each other. This relationship will instill a sense of confidence in both of you, allowing you to realise your peak performance and pursue the things that are most important to you personally. More than that, the card's vibe represents an extremely positive confidence in the future of the relationship.

If you're single:

If you're looking for love, you're about to have a new beginning. In the near future, you might make a new connection through professional or business activities. Having a relationship with this person will make you feel safe and stable, and they will be a good grounding force in your life.


Potentially, there will be a start of something good. This could be in the form of a raise, a new position, or a business opportunity. The news is positive, regardless of the circumstances, and it may lead to significant monetary gains. There will be opportunities for growth, and you may expect a revitalised sense of purpose in your work. An unexpected windfall or return on investment may also arise. If you want to be financially secure in the future, now is a good time to start.

Choice 3 - Knight Of Cups (Reversed)

The energy of this week is indicative of retracted invitations, cancelled offers or proposals, and undesirable news. The news brings heartbreak, sorrow, or disappointment. When faced with a problem, you may prefer to put it off or ignore it. because of which, in the next few days, you may find yourself dealing with irritability, anger, and other forms of emotional pain. Avoid making hasty judgements and instead double-check your information before you act on it.

If you're in a relationship:

You can find yourself in the middle of a split, a withdrawn proposal, or the beginning stages of the dissolution of your relationship. There may be a shift in the relationship from you guys being happy and dedicated to you or your partner to developing a fear of commitment, becoming emotionally obsessive, or behaving abusively. Dependence on drugs or alcohol can be another potential source of friction in the relationship.

If you're single:

You may be in love with someone who does not love you back, or you may find yourself repeatedly engaging in one-night stands despite your awareness that this relationship does not lead somewhere meaningful.


You run the risk of receiving unfavourable information, missing out on possibilities because of your own delay, or having offers cancelled or withdrawn from you. You might be stuck in a job that doesn't let you use your creative skills, or you might feel like you can't think of anything creative to do. Don't waste time if you have a good and legitimate business or job opportunity, but make sure you check out all the facts before you jump in.

Choice 4 - Queen Of Wands (Reversed)

The energy for this week suggests that you may feel overburdened, irritable, or pessimistic. You may take on too many responsibilities and try to keep too many balls in the air. Your energy levels may drop and you could experience burnout. On the other hand, you may sometimes become pushy or nosy. Remember that intervening without being asked will not be appreciated by people around you. You may appear disorganized, chaotic, inefficient, or intrusive to others, so only help those who request for your advice.

If you're in a relationship:

You or your partner could become moody or have low confidence or self-esteem. You guys may feel tired or overwhelmed by each other, which is not good for your relationship. Try to find time to chill out together. If you want to have a baby, there may be concerns with regard to your fertility.

If you're single:

You might come in contact with someone you're interested in. Be careful, though, because this person might be mean, jealous, dishonest, or manipulative. You might not be ready to meet someone new this week. You may not have confidence in yourself and have low self-esteem. Work on building your confidence and doing things that make you feel strong. If you don't, you might rely on the other person to give you confidence, which can turn out to be toxic.


You may lack the energy at the work or business front. There may be frustration at unexpected challenges or obstacles that may leave you feeling unmotivated or exhausted. Alternatively, you may take on too much and fail to deliver. You may become too controlling, you don’t need to do everything yourself for it to be done right, you just think you do! Allow others to shoulder some of the responsibility. A mature older female may try to hamper your advancement in your career or business.

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