Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Tarot prediction 29th January to 4th February 2023

Kick-start the first week of February 2023 with a bang. Read our weekly tarot horoscope to learn more about what the cards hold for you regarding personal relationships and professional challenges.


Lavanya Arora

1/29/20237 min read

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To know weekly tarot reading, you must calm your mind and select a choice that grabs your attention.

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Choice 1 - Fool

There is a lot of optimism and fresh starts in the air this week. You might be on the cusp of a brand-new and unexpected journey. Your new journey may require a leap of faith, but the personal development you gain from doing it will be well worth the risk. It's crucial that you pause and analyze your options before committing to any major projects or making any snap judgments.

If you're in a relationship:

You will be fun and spontaneous, but you might also change your mind a lot. Perhaps you're so in love that you can't keep your excitement to yourself. But if the question of commitment arises, you might not be prepared for one just yet.

If you're single:

There's potential for a spontaneous love affair (or many such romances). Get ready for some lighthearted love, but don't miss out on the real thing if it comes your way.


An opportunity will come knocking! Maybe now is the moment to apply for a new position or launch that business you've always wanted to. Do your homework on the potential and the risk, but don't let that stop you from taking a chance. People around you might try to discourage you or just not get what you're up to; if this is the case, be patient and try to explain yourself, but don't let it discourage you. For the projects you're working on now, you'll get new ideas and energy.

Choice 2 - Empress (Reversed)

The energy of this week encourages you to celebrate your feminine side. This also applies to the male gender.

We all have feminine and masculine traits. You must accept your feminine half to balance your masculine and feminine energies. You may be focusing too much on material and mental matters rather than emotional and spiritual ones. There are a lot of ways this disharmony or imbalance can manifest itself: prioritizing other people's needs over your own, struggling to cope with your own feelings and so withdrawing from those who matter most to you, experiencing feelings of unworthiness and incompetence, and losing faith in yourself, to name a few. Addressing this imbalance demands self-awareness, focus, and making yourself get centered.

If you're in a relationship:

For the sake of maintaining harmony in your relationship, you may suppress your inner feelings. Perhaps you get worried about your partner's reaction if you're completely open and honest about how you feel. If you do, take time to figure out why you're concealing your emotions. You might want to watch out for getting too bossy with the people in your life right now. It's a sign of your insecurities, so focus on yourself, and they will subside. Let your intuition guide you back to the beautiful, confident, and inspiring person you were destined to be!

If you're single:

Many prospective partners will pursue you, but you may not be showing others who you truly are. When it comes to love, it's extremely important to be yourself and not try to pass for someone else.


You may want to pursue something creative since your job may feel boring or unfulfilling. You may feel underappreciated at work at times. Your own self-doubt is more at the root of the problem. Don't make any hasty judgments or rash moves right now. It's best to put your professional life on hold until you're ready to resume it. Spend some time reflecting on how you've been feeling so that you can get to the bottom of what's bothering you and find a solution.

Choice 3 - World (Reversed)

It's possible that the energy of this week may hinder you from achieving your goals and force things to come to a standstill if you don't stick to your routine. You're going to try to get what you want by taking the easy way out rather than putting in the effort necessary, as you worked hard on something that didn't work. Perhaps you're stuck. You may already know what's keeping you stuck. Avoid reviving an old argument. If you've tried everything, this card's energy may be telling you to accept failure, learn your lesson, and move on.

If you're in a relationship:

To prevent your relationship from failing, you and your partner need to talk more openly and honestly. But if you've been putting a lot of work into your relationship and it doesn't appear to be getting any better, you might want to consider whether or not this is the right relationship for you to be in.

If you're single:

If you feel like your love life has hit a wall, consider whether or not you're making an honest attempt to meet quality people. You should go out and meet new people. Don't be hesitant about putting yourself out there. You may be having trouble moving on from a sudden breakup. A past partner may have left you without warning or without giving you time to grieve. Because you haven't gotten closure, this might be quite difficult. Stop wasting time hoping they'll come back. You may never get closure from your ex, so focus on finding a way to make peace with what happened. It will require a lot of effort, but you'll get through it.


It's possible that you won't be able to make much progress on your professional goals this week. You may feel that you are underperforming relative to your potential. Think about what's stopping you, whether you've put in any effort, whether you're too scared to try your best for fear of failure or rejection, and whether or not you're locked in a job that makes you unhappy. Keep in mind that you control your destiny. Making mistakes is necessary for growth, so don't be too self-conscious about it. Don't be afraid to try something new or to go in a different direction with your work.

Choice 4 - Two Of Swords

The energy of this week suggests that you have reached a standstill or are at a crossroads. It's possible that you're on the fence about a decision that would be stressful or even traumatic for you, or that you're actively trying to avoid making it. You will be in a place where you have to face your fears, like being torn between two loyalties, relationships, situations, offers, or people. There may be times when you feel like you have to act as a mediator between two parties that are at odds with each other. In addition to this, you may be unable or unwilling to see the truth, you may be in denial about the situation, and you may be blocking your feelings.

If you're in a relationship:

In a relationship, you may reach a dead end or a turning point. You and your partner may fight often, disagree on a key relationship decision, and seek a break. Maybe you both just need some space and time to think rationally about the situation and figure out a solution. It's possible that you're hesitating to make a decision because doing so will expose you to unwanted judgment. On the other hand, it could mean that you're both avoiding making a tough decision about the future of your relationship because of the pain it would create. You may feel pulled between two relationships. No matter the circumstances, you must overcome your hesitation and make a choice so that everyone involved can continue on with their lives.

If you're single:

You could have to make a difficult decision between two potential relationships. However, the decision must be made for the sake of everyone involved; otherwise, it would be unfair to leave people in suspense. On the other hand, you might not express your feelings for someone out of fear of being turned down.


You might find yourself in the middle of a disagreement at work. There could be two jobs or career choices that both appeal to you equally. Perhaps you're not giving your situation the attention it deserves, or you're simply in denial. Keep in mind that it's possible you don't have all the data necessary to make a well-informed decision. If you are at a loss as to what to do next, gather more information and evaluate the advantages and pitfalls of each possibility.

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