Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Tarot prediction 20th March to 25th March 2023

What does the third week of March look like? How can you deal with low energy levels or challenging financial situations? Find out in this week's tarot card reading valid from 20th till 25th March 2023


Lavanya Arora

3/19/20235 min read

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To know weekly tarot reading, you must calm your mind and select a choice that grabs your attention.

Please close your eyes and take two deep breaths and now choose the card number which instinctively draws your attention.

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Select your card

Find your message

Choice 1 - Page Of Cups

The energy for this week acts as a messenger and brings important information. Good news, useful information, invites to social events, gossip, and even the possibility of a romantic proposal all fall within this category. Also, it's time to reconnect with your inner child and rediscover the joy in the little things. The ability to be kind, sympathetic, helpful, affable, and devoted may start to come more naturally to you as you mature emotionally.

If you're in a relationship:

There is a possibility for your romantic relationship to flourish, which could result in a pregnancy, an engagement, or even a marriage. It's time to let your guard down, embrace your inner romantic, and give yourself the freedom to act on your gut instincts.

If you're single:

You might have a romantic admirer. You might think about dating someone younger. If you have a crush on someone, you owe it to the person you secretly admire to let them know about your feelings. You have to put yourself out there if you want to develop your crush into something more serious.


This week's vibes indicate the potential for good news in the form of a promotion or a positive response to a job application. Take action, not just wishful thinking, if you're unhappy with your job or things aren't going as well as you'd want. Don't waste time daydreaming about a better future; instead, go out and make it happen.

Choice 2 - The Star

This week's energy inspires hope, peace of mind, and excitement. You may have emerged from your trials with a fresh perspective on life. You'll be peaceful and open to repairing past wounds. You will be free of whatever mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual problems you have been having and prepared to take on whatever the future brings. Trust that the universe has a plan for you, and trust your gut. People will like you for who you are, and you'll feel confident. Now is the time to explore your artistic side.

If you're in a relationship:

Something more substantial is going to blossom between the two of you. Even though you and your partner have had troubles in the past, they are healable, and you may move on with hope if you're willing to work on things.

If you're single:

It's likely that you'll be ready to leave behind any emotional baggage from previous relationships. Your romantic opportunities are bright, and this is a wonderful time to start meeting people. Maybe an old flame from your past may find his/her way back to you.


Work-wise, the future is bright for you. It's possible that you'll hear good news about a promotion or job interview soon, or that something much better could come your way. You are someone who would thrive in a position that required greater creativity.

Choice 3 - The Fool (Reversed)

This week's energy points to a fresh start. On the other hand, getting started is not always easy, and you might find yourself hesitating before diving in. Focusing on the present can help you appreciate what's happening at the moment, but it can also make you act impulsively and sometimes even selfishly toward other people.

If you're in a relationship:

It's possible that the thrill of the relationship could lead you to take some unnecessary risks. Keep in mind that this could cause insecurity and put a strain on your relationship.

If you're single:

Your desire for adventure may be preventing you from having the type of love you truly desire or producing doubt in your existing relationship.


Feelings of dissatisfaction with your existing situation may prompt you to consider exploring other options. Hold your horses! Alternatively, you may be hesitant to share your brilliant ideas for fear of rejection. Put yourself out there and be assertive; you have nothing to lose. If you have an idea, it has as much merit as everyone else's. Make your voice heard.

Choice 4 - The Empress (Reversed)

This week's energy invites you to celebrate your feminine side. We're both masculine and feminine. There's a chance you're prioritizing rational and physical concerns over emotional and psychological ones. Prioritizing other people's needs over your own, struggling to cope with your own feelings, and withdrawing from those who matter most, feeling unworthy and incompetent, and losing faith in yourself are all ways this disharmony or imbalance can manifest. Dealing with this imbalance demands self-awareness, focus, and forcing yourself to become grounded.

If you're in a relationship:

To keep your relationship peaceful, you may hide how you feel. Maybe you're afraid of your partner's reaction if you're totally forward and honest about how you feel. If you do, figure out why you're hiding your emotions. You may want to avoid being overly pushy at the moment. Focus on yourself, and your insecurities will fade. Intuition can help you rediscover the stunning, self-assured, and motivational person you are meant to be.

If you're single:

Many potential partners will be interested in you, but you might not be showing them who you really are. Being true to yourself and not attempting to pass for someone else is important when it comes to finding true love.


Feeling bored or unfulfilled at work may be a sign that you need to engage your creative side. There could be instances when you feel unappreciated at work. The real issue is more likely to be your own self-doubt. Don't jump to conclusions or act rashly. Put your professional life on hold until you feel ready for a comeback. Spend some time to think about how you've been feeling to figure out what's upsetting you and how to fix it.

Is this reading personalized to my situation?

No, general readings such as weekly tarot horoscopes are not personalized to your situation; however, you can use these readings to get an idea of the direction your life is going in, be it love life, professional life, or more.

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