Weekly Tarot Card Readings for 5th June to 10th June 2023

Discover what the week has in store for you with our Weekly Tarot Card Readings from 5th June to 10th June 2023. Gain insights and guidance through the powerful symbolism of the Tarot cards. Plan your week ahead and make informed decisions. Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock the secrets of your future. Get your personalized Tarot card reading today!


Lavanya Arora

6/4/20236 min read

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  3. How Long is the message valid?

To know weekly tarot reading, you must calm your mind and select a choice that grabs your attention.

Please close your eyes and take two deep breaths and now choose the card number which instinctively draws your attention.

Note - This is a general reading and might not be personalized to your situation. For a personalized reading, click here


Select your card

Find your message

Choice 1 - The Emperor (Reversed)

This week's energy indicates that an elder person or a figure of authority may abuse their power or be overbearing, leaving you powerless or restless. Their bossiness may overshadow their advice. Handle this person calmly. Keep what works; toss the rest. Stand up to them with a sensible and rational approach to get results. You may let your heart control the way you think. You may not have enough self-control, and your life may require more discipline, which may result in a lack of direction and purpose.

If you're in a relationship:

You and your partner might struggle with a power imbalance. One person may be overbearing, possessive, or unsupportive. This makes the other partner feel trapped. The need for stability and the urge to be in command must be balanced. If you want the relationship to grow, you need to be honest about how you feel, reach mutually beneficial compromises, and find shared interests.

If you're single:

Your problematic patterns in choosing relationships may have been influenced by your father's behavioral issues and habits. You need to fix these problems so that you don't attract people who will take advantage of you. There could be a lack of commitment, like jumping from one partner to the next, which is a way to fight against a person whom you perceive as taking charge of your life.


Inconsistency, disorganization, and a lack of attention can create work problems. If your job's restrictions are getting intolerable, you may need to shift jobs. You might have more freedom in a different industry. If you're tired of being told what to do, you might want to be your own boss. Consider your options. Your finances may be out of control. Consult a mentor or experienced professional.

Choice 2 - Knight Of Cups (Reversed)

The way this week seems to be going points towards unfavourable developments. The news brings loss, sadness, or disappointment. When you have a problem, you might want to put it off or just not deal with it. Because of this, you may feel irritability, anger, and other kinds of emotional pain over the next few days. Don't make snap decisions. Instead, check the information you have twice before acting on it.

If you're in a relationship:

You might find yourself in the middle of a breakup, a cancelled proposal, or the early stages of the end of your relationship. The relationship may change from pleasant and committed to emotionally obsessive, behaviorally abusive, or apprehensive of commitment. Drug or alcohol addiction may trigger conflict in a relationship.

If you're single:

Maybe you're in love with someone who doesn't feel the same way about you, or maybe you keep putting yourself in the same meaningless situations even though you know better.


There is a possibility that you will be given undesirable information, miss out on opportunities because of your own procrastination, or have offers pulled back or put on hold. You might be stuck in a job that doesn't let you use your creativity, or you might feel like you can't come up with anything creative to do. Don't waste time if you have a good and genuine business idea or job opportunity, but make sure you have all the facts before you jump in.

Choice 3 - Page Of Cups

The energy of the week serves as a messenger, bringing with it new and important information. This might be anything from good news to an invitation to a party or even a romantic proposal. You should take initiative during this time to rediscover the simple things that once made your life feel so exciting when you were a kid. Kindness, sensitivity, helpfulness, curiosity, and determination may come more naturally to you as you mature emotionally.

If you're in a relationship,

Your relationship could become more passionate, which may culminate in a pregnancy, a proposal, or even a wedding. It is time to let your guard down, recognize the romantic side of yourself, and allow yourself to act on your initial thoughts and instincts.

If you're single,

There's a chance you have a devoted admirer out there somewhere. You might be persuaded by a younger person to go out to date. If you have a secret crush on someone, you owe it to them to tell them how you feel. If you want your crush to become anything more, you need to put yourself out there.


This week could bring you good news, such as a promotion or a favourable response to a job application. If you're having problems at work or things aren't going as well as you'd like, you should take action rather than wait for things to improve on their own. Don't sit around wishing for a better tomorrow; instead, get out there and make it happen today.

Choice 4 - King Of Cups

This week's energy is all about showing compassion, understanding, and maturity. Your logical and emotional selves will come together in the ideal balance. You'll develop the self-awareness and abilities to handle emotions necessary to make peace with the things you can't control. You'll learn to take things easy and focus on the good in other people's experiences. The physical, mental, and emotional sides of your life may be more important to you at this time, and you might not have the will to build or accumulate monetary wealth as you'll focus more on the inside than on the outside of your life.

If you're in a relationship,

You can feel a great deal of contentment in your mind. Small disagreements should be avoided wherever possible. The two of them would have a lot of fun together and feel a lot of affection for one another. If you've been going through a difficult time emotionally, your relationship will get you through it.

If you're single,

Someone beautiful with genuine feelings and a captivating personality is on your way. They will be soothing to be around, a reliable partner, and a compassionate person all in all. They will be more worldly and/or reserved than you at the same time. Their time, resources, and support for you will be significant.


Someone with more experience may be able to help you move up in your job. You'll use diplomacy and cleverness to solve problems at work and make the place where you work a bit more pleasant for yourself. You'll feel valued and respected by your co-workers. Keep your personal and work lives in balance. Give your job the attention it needs, but don't stress too much about it. Counselling, healthcare, and other therapeutic fields are good options if you're in a position to make a career change.

Is this reading personalized to my situation?

No, general readings such as weekly tarot horoscopes are not personalized to your situation; however, you can use these readings to get an idea of the direction your life is going in, be it love life, professional life, or more.

Need personalized guidance?

For detailed personalized reading, write to me at tarotwithlavanya@gmail.com or message me on WhatsApp here. Personalized readings also include meditation and energy healing.