Weekly Tarot Card Readings: Prediction 27th March to 1st April 2023

What does the final week of March look like? How can you deal with low energy levels or challenging financial situations? What are the challenges that might affect your relationship? Find out in this week's tarot card reading, valid from March 27th till 1st April 2023


Lavanya Arora

3/27/20236 min read

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Choice 1 - The Fool

You'll need to channel your inner risk-taker this week. You will emerge from this experience bursting with constructive energy and new ideas that you may put into practice immediately. The most essential thing is to keep a keen eye out for the opportunities that will be presented to you and to have the guts to seize those chances when you find them.

If you're in a relationship:

You'll be in a lively, spontaneous mood, but you may find yourself constantly making changes to your future plans. It's possible that you're so head over heels in love that you can't help but share your enthusiasm with others. However, if the topic of commitment comes up, neither you nor your partner may be ready for it just yet.

If you're single:

There is the possibility of a love affair that develops out of the blue (or many such romances). Prepare for some humorous romance, but don't pass up the serious kind if it presents itself.


It could be time to start looking for a new career or launch that business you've always wanted. Others around you may try to discourage you or misunderstand what you're trying to accomplish; you should be patient with them and explain yourself clearly, but you shouldn't allow them to discourage you. Take the time to carefully weigh the pros and cons of a potential move, but don't let it paralyse you into inaction. Even if no one else agrees with your choices, you have to follow your heart and what you feel is best for you.

Choice 2 - Ten Of Wands

The energy of this week depicts a circumstance that may appear to be a wonderful idea at first, but it will eventually become a burden. You may feel overburdened, overloaded, and stressed as a result of the numerous difficulties and duties that you are responsible for. It's possible that you may overcommit yourself and be on the edge of reaching a point of burnout. In any case, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and if you keep walking, you will arrive at your destination successfully.

If you're in a relationship:

The connection will start to weigh you down emotionally and physically. The burden of the relationship, including the stress and obligation that come with it, may make you feel as though your partner does not value you or cares about you at all. The relationship may feel like a lot of work since duty and obligation have replaced the fun and spontaneity you once shared.

If you're single:

There's a chance that the luster and enthusiasm in your romantic life have worn off. Maybe you're too busy with work and other commitments to go on dates or meet new people, and the thrill of dating has worn off and been replaced with routine. You have to make room in your schedule for love if you want to have it in your life.


Feelings of tension, burden, and overload are unavoidable. Perhaps you may try to take on more than you can handle. Taking on additional work may seem like a good idea at the time, but you may soon come to realize that you have taken on more than you can handle. Lack of motivation can have a negative impact on both your performance and your attitude. You'll be tired, irritated, and exhausted afterward.

Choice 3 - The HangedMan (Reversed)

The energy of the week suggests that you may make hasty decisions in an effort to divert your attention from any underlying dissatisfaction. It's likely that you'll skip from one unfortunate circumstance to the next without giving each any thought. It's important to check in with yourself and see if there are any emotions you're avoiding facing or any adjustments you're putting off. If you are stuck in unhealthy routines, it's time to make some adjustments. The way life treats you is a reflection of how you treat it.

If you're in a relationship:

It's probable that you and/or your partner are staying in a relationship that isn't healthy for either of you because you're afraid of being alone or having to start again. It's possible that the relationship may even be repaired, but right now you might not be ready to talk about the issues you're having with each other.

If you're single:

If you don't learn from your past experiences, you can find yourself falling into the same destructive relationship patterns over and over again. It's likely that you jump from one unhealthy relationship to the next without ever acknowledging the part you play in the decisions that lead to these partnerships. Take a deep breath and give some thought to why you keep repeating the same pattern, as well as the steps you need to take to break the cycle.


This week may not go according to plan, but even if it does, you may lack the will and motivation to deal with the problems that need to be addressed. It's possible that you'll start pointing fingers at other people or come to believe that you have no control over your situation. It is time for you to reclaim authority over your work life. Don't just sit back and let life happen to you; take charge of your own path, especially if it's not moving you in the direction you want to go. Find out what you want, and go after it.

Choice 4 - Queen Of Pentacles

The momentum of this week is suggestive of material wealth, achievement, and financial security. You will be successful if you approach the problems with a reasonable, practical, and no-nonsense attitude. Establish your objectives, and then work methodically to achieve them. People will feel comfortable in your company, secure, and able to confide in you because of how warmly you welcome them.

If you're in a relationship:

You have put in a lot of effort to get to this stage in your relationship, and it will pay off in the form of a partnership that gives you a sense of self-assurance and safety. You and your partner will appreciate the finer things in life and perhaps even splurge on a few luxuries now and again.

If you're single:

You are in a position to be picky about who you choose to spend your life with. You've worked hard to get where you are now, and it's only fair that you have a reliable partner to share it with. Feeling very capable and self-assured is incredibly important. Whoever you choose to spend the rest of your life with should be on the same intellectual level as you and capable of making your life more fulfilling both intellectually and emotionally.


This week's energies favour accomplishment, skill in one's line of work or business, practicality, competence, and organisation. A woman could be your business partner, bringing her many talents to the table, or she could be somebody you know personally who helps you advance professionally or in your chosen career. Her guidance will get you where you need to go, so pay attention.

Is this reading personalized to my situation?

No, general readings such as weekly tarot horoscopes are not personalized to your situation; however, you can use these readings to get an idea of the direction your life is going in, be it love life, professional life, or more.

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