Weekly Tarot Card Readings for 15th May to 20th May 2023

Unlock the secrets of your week ahead with our Weekly Tarot Card Readings from 15th May to 20th May 2023. Discover what the cards have in store for you in love, career, and personal growth. Get valuable insights and guidance for the upcoming week. Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain clarity and make informed decisions.


Lavanya Arora

5/14/20236 min read

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To know weekly tarot reading, you must calm your mind and select a choice that grabs your attention.

Please close your eyes and take two deep breaths and now choose the card number which instinctively draws your attention.

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Select your card

Find your message

Choice 1 - The Sun

This week, you will notice that others will be drawn to the cheerful vibes and great energy that you tend to give off. This is something that will continue throughout the week. You are going to have a tendency to feel relaxed, carefree, and secure of yourself. There is no hiding from the truth, and if you have been lied to, the liars and their deception will be exposed.

If you're in a relationship:

Any problems that have been brewing in your relationship in the background will be revealed and need to be solved, for better or worse. This can happen in the form of the relationship becoming more open and honest than it was before, or it can end so that you can go on to a better and more compatible life partner.

If you're single:

You are going to find yourself in a wonderful relationship. You'll have more fun and feel less pressure when you're not tied down by commitments. Take the necessary precautions to protect yourself if you are not yet ready to start a family.


You will be filled with hope and excitement about the future as new opportunities present themselves to you. You'll be able to dive right in and contribute significantly to any initiative you take. Your business deals, investments, and other attempts to increase your wealth will all be fruitful. Make sure you set aside some money to pay any unknown bills or obligations.

Choice 2 - Page Of Cups

The energy of the week serves as a courier, bringing crucial information and insights. This might be anything from a positive piece of news to an invitation to a social gathering or even a romantic proposal. It's important to rediscover the little pleasures that brought you so much happiness as a child. As you evolve emotionally, you may find it easier to be kind, sensitive, helpful, curious, and committed.

If you're in a relationship:

Your romantic relationship could intensify, which could lead to a pregnancy, a proposal, or even a marriage. It is time to relax your guard, acknowledge the romantic that is within you, and allow yourself permission to act on your first impressions and intuition.

If you're single:

There's a chance that there's an affectionate admirer out there for you. A younger person could persuade you to consider dating. You owe it to the person you secretly adore to tell them how you feel if you have a crush on them. If you want your crush to turn into anything more, you need to put yourself out there.


Positive developments, such as a promotion or a favourable response to a job application, may come your way this week. If you're having trouble at work or things aren't going the way you'd like, it's important to do something about it rather than merely hope for them to improve. Don't sit around wishing for a better tomorrow; get out and make it happen now.

Choice 3 - Wheel Of Fortune

The energy of this week indicates the beginning of major developments in your life. Keep in mind that even if a change is bringing you closer to what is best for you, it may still be difficult to accept, but it is needed for your personal development and growth. Take advantage of this opportunity by concentrating on your long-term goal. Even if you can't see it, trust that the universe has a purpose for you. This week, keep in mind that you can't stop the flow of change and that you'll have to learn to accept the inevitable, even if it's not pleasant.

If you're in a relationship,

If you feel at ease with your partner, then your relationship is destined to be successful. You may be moving forward in your relationship, beginning a new chapter, or working on a project together. The energy of this card will bring difficult transformations. If you're dissatisfied with your relationship, you will probably experience an abrupt change. You and your partner either need to shake things up for good or break up to go on to better things. No matter what happens, you will end up exactly where you belong.

If you're single,

Even while the universe is doing its best to bring you the love you crave, you must also do your part. If you want to increase your chances of finding love, now is the time to put yourself out there and mingle with other people. You have the opportunity to discover the ideal romantic partner at this time in your life; therefore, it is important to enter the search with specific intentions in mind. You may soon find love.


Major changes are on the horizon. It's a fantastic time to start a business or make that career change you've been considering. It's time to stop hesitating and take chances in your career; it will ultimately pay off. You should get ready for major changes even if you're happy and comfortable where you are now. The change may be challenging, but it's for the best in the long term, so try to adapt as best you can.

Choice 4 - Queen Of Pentacles (Reversed)

This week's energy represents a loss of social status, dependence, and a feeling of being out of control. You run the risk of losing all that is valuable to you if you are unable to keep a solid handle on the realities of the circumstances at hand. You may approach life in an unrealistic or temperamental manner.

If you're in a relationship,

You may experience jealousy and insecurity in the relationship. You and your partner may feel bored or stuck in a rut. A sense of insecurity may cause you or your partner to be clingy or controlling. One of you can be difficult to get along with, indifferent, or unmotivated, and expect the other to put in all the work in the relationship.

If you're single,

Before you can have a healthy relationship with another person, you need to work on yourself. You might not believe in yourself or have unrealistic expectations that other people will make the effort for you towards attaining what you want in life. Starting a relationship with the expectation of receiving material or emotional support from another person is sure to fail. Even if they give you what you want, you won't be equal partners, and you might feel uneasy or possessive because you'll have too much to lose if the relationship ends.


You have to lift yourself up through sacrifice and hard work in an effort to ward off major problems. If you're thinking of getting a business partner, I strongly suggest you don't. You'll end up doing all the work yourself or cleaning up after they mess up what's going on. Be wary of overly ambitious and nasty coworkers if you find yourself working with them. This person may appear helpful when you are together, but they will only be using you to further their own purpose.

Is this reading personalized to my situation?

No, general readings such as weekly tarot horoscopes are not personalized to your situation; however, you can use these readings to get an idea of the direction your life is going in, be it love life, professional life, or more.

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