Tarot Reading 2023 - Your Most Important Lessons from 2022


Lavanya Arora

12/28/20224 min read

The beginning of something, be it a new job, relationship, or in this case, a new year, is such a motivating factor that drives us to bring positive changes. But, to make positive changes, you must know what exactly you need to work on to be a step closer to the person you envision yourself to be.

If 2022 was a difficult year for you, and your sole intent for 2023 is to work on yourself, then read this new year 2023 tarot reading series and find your key lessons from the year 2022 and what you must focus on to have an amazing and more fulfilling 2023.

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For an accurate career tarot reading, you need to calm your mind. Please close your eyes and take two deep breaths and now choose the card number which instinctively draws your attention.

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Find your message

Choice 1 - 9 of Wands (Reversed)

To make things last, you must learn from your past and know when to compromise. Regularly question yourself whether you want to be correct or just get your work done in peace, depending on the context of your situation. Be empathetic but don't blame yourself for other people's traumas and problems. Don't let others' insecurities become yours.

If things don't go your way - cry if you want, give yourself time to reflect on it, make another plan, regain your strength, and move on. Give yourself proper time to recover, but don't give up on your life goals if things go wrong.

Sometimes you need a speedbump to slow things down and make you more mindful of your aspirations. You may need to push yourself to succeed, so don't let stress cloud your judgment. Work/life balance is crucial to productivity and your personal life. Take a step back and assess the bigger picture you're working toward to see if you're on the right track and not wasting time.

Take time to re-evaluate your work. Be more financially responsible. This will have a direct impact on how others view you and will give you a boost of confidence.


Choice 2 - Knight of Pentacles (Reversed)

You need to identify your goals, outline the path to them from where you are, and infuse some enthusiasm into what you're doing because you tend to either lose interest quickly or work yourself to mental exhaustion and lack the commitment and effort to see things through.

Don't sacrifice your work ethic, personal values, boundaries, or focus to reach your work and relationship goals. Make sure you can maintain your promises. Be honest with the other person about your uncertainty, and give them the option of moving forward with you or moving on. If your motivation is materialistic and money-driven, you will disregard your relationships and health and eventually get sidetracked. Before they commit, let potential partners know how serious you are. Stay true to who you are. Don't waste your money on speculative projects.

Be more cautious and do your research before investing. Swinging between extremes will harm your health in the long run. Either you become absolutely lazy and disregard your fitness and diet, or you get so consumed with your appearance, health, and fitness that it harms your quality of life. Find the middle ground. Find a way to unwind to cool off and be more productive in the long run.


Choice 3 - 2 of Wands

You've gone through the discovery phase and now know what you want to build, but you need to figure out how. You must consider all possibilities and challenges when planning your next steps.

Maintain a level of trust that your efforts will succeed in the end while staying open to growth, unexpected changes, and exploring different territories with regards to your field of work. Avoid feeling lost by realising that you won't be ready to move until you have a plan. Realize that as you push yourself outside of your comfort zone and encounter new places and things, you will continue to learn new things about yourself and the world around you. You have the confidence and self-awareness to try new things, but it will take guts to get started.

Plan to attain long-term goals. Know when to take risks and when to stick with what you know, and evaluate your choices periodically. It's crucial to investigate your possibilities, even when you've invested a lot in your current situation. Learn new things to see your goals from a better perspective. Adjust your strategy as necessary..


How long is this message valid?

Career-related challenges are something you are bound to face in any phase of your life, and if you have landed on this article in the pursuit of bettering your career, then you can consider your chosen option as a valid message. However, please ensure that you are going through the process and are not selecting options after reading the cards or selecting cards based on your preferences since that would result in a forced message, which is always invalid.

Is this message personalized?

Only on a broad level, this reading will resonate with you. For detailed reading, write to me at tarotwithlavanya@gmail.com or message me on WhatsApp here.

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