Tarot Forecast for the Week of April 17-22, 2023: Weekly Tarot Card Readings

Get ready for the week ahead with our weekly tarot card readings! Discover what the tarot has in store for you from 17th April to 22nd April 2023 with our insightful predictions. Find guidance and inspiration in the cards as you navigate the coming days.


Lavanya Arora

4/17/20237 min read

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To know weekly tarot reading, you must calm your mind and select a choice that grabs your attention.

Please close your eyes and take two deep breaths and now choose the card number which instinctively draws your attention.

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Choice 1 - Three Of Swords

This week's energy is one of suffering, with feelings of heartbreak, sorrow, and anxiety dominating the overall mood. As you struggle emotionally, you will grieve, fight despair, and cry. Distraction, disagreement, disillusionment, and major misunderstandings may occur in almost any setting, causing confusion, distress, and upheaval. You have or will experience a major setback or betrayal. You need time to process this loss. Though difficult, this card's energy has benefits. The hardest events in our lives teach us more about ourselves than the happy times. Let yourself recover and learn from the experience. If you need help, talk to loved ones or a professional. There are only better things to look forward to from here.

If you're in a relationship:

Tears, sadness, sorrow, and conflict may occur. This does not necessarily end your relationship, but it may require addressing some painful matters. Sit down with your partner and talk about your feelings, listening politely. Arguing, yelling, or blaming will just make things worse. You may be dissatisfied or disappointed with the relationship, or you and your partner may not communicate well, causing severe misunderstandings and a sense of alienation or loneliness. Divorce, separation, and legal issues may occur. A third party may meddle and cause difficulty if either of you allows them to interfere with your relationship.

If you're single:

You could be experiencing a sense of isolation. You could be having a hard time moving past the pain of your broken heart and remembering the good times you shared together. In order for you to go on with your life, you are going to have to face and work through your sorrow. Karma always finds a way to get back at the person with whom a cheating partner has cheated or plans to cheat. Ask yourself if someone who truly cares about you would place you in such a difficult situation and you'll have your answer.


Grief and loss from the fear of job loss or layoff may cause stress and disappointment. You may lose interest in your chosen profession. Workplace conflicts, disagreements, and strikes may occur. Try to address workplace problems through polite, open, and honest conversations. Listen to them and voice your worries to them. It is essential to have a positive attitude and to be aware that your work is just one aspect of your life. Don't allow that problem to take over your life. Keep an open mind and reflect; you'll end up with good ideas to explore in your career.

Choice 2 - Knight Of Wands (Reversed)

The energies of this week suggest that your plans and initiatives may not proceed as smoothly as you think. It's likely that you're too scared and unmotivated to muster the necessary drive, excitement, or self-control to see your initiatives through to completion. It may not be the best time to move forward with your plans, so try not to stress over them too much. You need to slow down and use the brakes before it's too late, since you might tumble.

If you're in a relationship:

Your partner might be irrational, possessive, and overbearing. Your potential long-term companion needs to develop the maturity you seek. Either you or your partner can be disinterested in the connection and hence unwilling to put in the effort or take the initiative necessary to keep it going.

If you're single:

A person who represents someone aggressive, volatile, or abusive may enter your life, or you may find that you possess similar traits in a romantic relationship. When going on dates, it's important to keep your own safety in mind. One-night stands are another possibility with this card's energy. If that's not what you're after, remain true to your values and never lower your expectations.


You may worry about the fact that you aren't sure how to proceed with your career. Since you haven't yet discovered the job that truly fulfils you, you'll likely continue jumping from one to the next without ever settling on a career path or setting any long-term goals. There is a good chance that your business or project concept won't pan out the way you envision it. Stay positive. It's possible that now isn't the best moment to launch your business, or that you just need to perform more groundwork to ensure its success.

Choice 3 - The Empress

This week's vibe shows how much you're embracing your feminine side. Being feminine can be linked to things like being fertile, expressive, creative, and nurturing, among other things. Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself. Get in touch with your sexuality and inner wisdom to attract joyful experiences and outcomes into your life.

There is a strong suggestion of pregnancy and motherhood, or a motherly, loving, and caring attitude. A new idea, company, or project may emerge in your life. You can feel assured that your life's pursuits will be fruitful if you put in the effort required to see them through to their successful completion. Find those ideas that have been stuck in your head and go for it! Make sure you give them your all and get them done. Spend time interacting with nature to recharge your energy and senses.

If you're in a relationship:

You'll have a relationship that's solid, serious, and dedicated. Motherhood is also represented by this card; therefore, this card's energy may suggest that you're about to have a family in some capacity. The love between you and the person you love is deepening and becoming stronger with time. A fulfilling intimate relationship will intensify your relationship. Those who are ready to start a family may enjoy it greatly, but those who aren't should take precaution.

If you're single:

This card's energy either symbolises you or someone you'll meet who is kind and nurturing, secure in their financial situation, and appreciative of the more important things in life. It's possible that you'll find love at work, whether it's with a coworker or a partner in a new business. Your perfect love and relationship may be just around the corner if you make an effort to be more outgoing and approachable.


Your professional life could be on the upswing right now. You'll be more inspired and motivated than normal, and ready to devote your full attention and energy to the tasks at hand. You may also feel generous and nurturing at work. You may feel like trying to make the workplace more pleasant for everyone by showing support towards your colleagues or employees. If you put yourself in a position to thrive at your workplace by setting targets and proposing initiatives, you'll gain even more momentum.

Choice 4 - Ten Of Pentacles

The energies of this week will help you establish a firm footing, feel secure, and experience success in all aspects of your life. Your material or financial situation should improve dramatically. Some of your closest relationships, including those with family, may finally be at peace, allowing you to feel a deep sense of closeness with them. You could anticipate a get-together with your loved ones. You'll act in a traditional manner and value established norms during this time.

If you're in a relationship:

You have long-term peace and security. Your relationship will be strong and stable. You will have peace and happiness in your relationship. If you want a greater commitment, you may talk about moving in together, settling down, getting engaged, or getting married. If you or your partner have been having trouble, it could be because of differences in upbringing, different backgrounds, or different family practises. You can solve these problems if you can figure out why they are causing problems or if you are ready to make adjustments and find a way to combine your traditions and make new ones that are unique to you.

If you're single:

A potential fresh relationship might enter your life. This person may be someone who shares your beliefs and prior experiences and has the potential to become someone with whom you would like to settle down or have a relationship that lasts for a very long time.


You might work for a company that is conventional or has traditional values. Your new or present job will provide you with long-term security and confidence, or perhaps you and a family member will decide to start a business. An inheritance or other substantial amount of money might come your way out of the blue. When you're ready, it's a good idea to start saving for the future, creating a will, and establishing investment in case of need.

Is this reading personalized to my situation?

No, general readings such as weekly tarot horoscopes are not personalized to your situation; however, you can use these readings to get an idea of the direction your life is going in, be it love life, professional life, or more.

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