Tarot Reading for Your Relationship in 2024


Lavanya Arora

12/25/20236 min read

At this point in my life, my perspective on relationships is not the same as it was when I was a young girl dreaming of her knight in armor. Relationships today, and perhaps indefinitely, revolve around understanding both your and your partner's feelings, recognising your shortcomings, and most importantly, being willing to accept and work on these aspects.

The force behind the shift, in my perspective, was driven by having worked with over 200 couples, where often three questions were the crux of the whole reading. These questions are

  1. What is the current energy between us?

  2. What are the primary obstacles in our relationship?

  3. What is the future of our relationship?

So, in the coming year, I've endeavored to make it accessible for all of you to find answers to these questions through this 2024 relationship tarot reading.

To know your yearly relationship tarot reading for 2024, you must calm your mind and select a Deck that grabs your attention. (Each Deck will contain 3 tarot cards).

Please close your eyes, take two deep breaths, and now choose the deck number which instinctively draws your attention.

Note - This is a general reading and might not be personalized to your situation. For a personalized reading, click here

Select your Deck

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Deck 1

Current Relationship Energy - King of Cups (Reversed)

Emotional instability, manipulation, or control issues could be hurting the relationship. Due to periods of emotional imbalance characterized by sharp mood swings, your relationship might experience strain. Friction and suspicion may result from instances of manipulation. As an added complication, one or both partners may be emotionally unstable, which can lead to misunderstandings, impulsive actions, or inappropriate responses to situations.

Primary Relationship Obstacles - Nine of Wands (Reversed)

Some of the problems in the relationship can be due to exhaustion or a lack of will, which puts pressure on the relationship. Whether it's emotional, mental, or fatigue, it's crucial to recognise what both of you are feeling and work together to discover solutions for reviving and restoring balance to the relationship. You may both benefit from taking into account how you both deal with setbacks together; failing to do so could impede the development of your relationship. Tensions may rise, or the relationship's progress may slow down because of this. In order to resolve these challenges and deepen the connection between the two, it is important to communicate effectively and provide mutual support.

Future Relationship Energy - Nine of Cups (Reversed)

You might feel like the relationship is missing something important. You may not be able to pinpoint exactly what is bothering you, but something isn't quite right. "Fear of missing out" and "wanting more" could be underlying feelings. It could also mean that you're entering a relationship for your own individualistic gain. Maybe you both want each other for all the technically right reasons, but you don't really care about them. Put your reasoning mind aside and follow your heart when choosing your partner. Listen to your gut feelings in addition to your rational mind when evaluating a relationship's feasibility. Think about how your relationship will feel in the future if you're already not so into it. An evaluation is imminent. Has anything changed, or is a change necessary? Assuming both partners are willing to clearly communicate their expectations and mutually agree to make little adjustments, the relationship can still be saved.

Deck 2

Current Relationship Energy - Knight Of Swords (Reversed)

Impulsive or unconsidered actions may cause problems in the relationship. This card serves as a cautionary tale about acting on impulse or not giving enough thought to the consequences of the decisions you make. The message is to pause, think things over, and then move forward. Quick decisions, a lack of tolerance, and disregard for your partner's feelings could lead to misunderstandings and conflict. Thoughtful communication could minimise tension at all times.

Primary Relationship Obstacles - The Hermit (Reversed)

Both partners in the relationship may have trouble connecting on a deeper level if one of them perceives emotional distance, has trouble connecting with others, is hesitant to engage, has trouble sharing personal experiences, or is unable to seek advice. Getting past these roadblocks and being receptive to a deep emotional connection, mutual understanding, and empathy can only be achieved when both partners are willing to let their guard down and communicate their innermost thoughts and feelings with one another.

Future Relationship Energy - Ace Of Wands

Without a doubt, this relationship will be everything but dull. No matter how long you've been together, the sparks will always fly. A wonderful fresh start is going to materialise. You're both lively, interesting, energetic, and perhaps a bit showy, but in a good way. Perhaps you two have a similar sense of humour. If one of you tends to be reserved, the other could be just what you need to break out of your shell and find your inner explorer. You and your partner could engage in the most stimulating conversations. When it comes to ideas, values, causes, hobbies, and interests, you're almost in sync. You two may become quite potent as a power couple.

Deck 3

Current Relationship Energy - Five Of Cups (Reversed)

You're both trying to get over your disappointment and regret and begin to appreciate what you still have. A more positive, constructive perspective is replacing a period of sadness and regret in the relationship. Now that you both are in the process of accepting and forgiving the past, you may go on to embrace and appreciate the present with a more positive attitude. You are both starting to feel better emotionally, which could lead to a stronger emotional bond between the two of you.

Primary Relationship Obstacles - Ten Of Cups (Reversed)

Forming a deep emotional bond might be challenging when there are unresolved problems or opposing values. The connection can deteriorate due to unresolved problems, contrasting points of view, emotional distance, or hidden resentment. In order to strengthen the relationship, it is crucial to tackle underlying issues and strive for a sense of balance. Consequently, the relationship can be significantly improved by talking honestly about these concerns and working to regain feelings of balance. It is of the utmost importance to overcome these possible obstacles through open communication, comprehension, and mutual respect.

Future Relationship Energy - The Strength (Reversed)

Patterns of problematic behaviour may be present in your relationship. Toxic effects in this context can be subtler. Possible causes include co-dependency, severe disconnection, or an irrational fear of emotional intimacy. Power dynamics may also be imbalanced. Your communication skills could use some improvement. Make sure you're talking to each other and not at each other. Nothing beats really hearing someone out, putting yourself in their shoes, and trying to see things from their point of view.

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