Tarot Guidance: What lesson should I learn from my past relationship?


Lavanya Arora

4/29/20234 min read

Are you struggling to move on from a past relationship? Do you find yourself wondering what lessons you can learn from your past experiences? If so, you're not alone. Many people find it challenging to let go of past relationships and move forward. However, by seeking guidance from the tarot, you can gain valuable insights into the lessons you need to learn and the path you need to take.

In this blog, we'll explore the question, "What lesson should I learn from my past relationship?" Using our expert tarot reading, we'll delve deep into your past experiences and uncover the wisdom you need to move forward. Our tarot readers are highly skilled and experienced, using a variety of tarot spreads and techniques to help you gain clarity and direction.

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Choice 1 - Ten Of Swords (Reversed)

To Surrender.

When you feel as though your irrational concerns or fears have made their way up to you, it is important to learn how to surrender to them. To ignore a fear is to avoid facing it head-on. It is still there. Still lurking. Fear of dreadful situations, the end, insecurity, or the loss of what you have now can be something that distracts from connecting with one's inner self.

However, surrendering is the only way to escape pain. You are not giving in to your fear; rather, you are giving up your fear. Allow yourself to experience your fear and then release it. No matter how terrible your past was, it has no bearing on your present or your future. You may free yourself from this suffering and move on to a better day. Accept the lessons of your past mistakes and let them direct you towards a brighter future.


Choice 2 - Six Of Pentacles (Reversed)

To Have A Healthy Sense Of Self-worth

If you do not have confidence in yourself as a person, you might realise that you have a tendency to give undue credit to the successes of others while giving yourself less credit than you deserve. You devalue yourself by belittling yourself to please others. Come into a relationship on equal terms.

To begin the process of healing, you must first acknowledge the question at hand, set clear boundaries, and be open to making adjustments. Think about whether you or the people you find attractive 'give' to boost your own self-worth or to genuinely help the other person in the relationship. Evaluate if the motive behind 'giving' is kindness or an attempt to exert influence and manipulation over another.

You'll learn a very important lesson regarding your relationships in general once you reflect and reach a conclusion, realising if the person you're seeing is the one for you.


Choice 3 - High Priestess

To Have Patience & Trust In Your Intuition.

Just put everything out in the open and be truthful with yourself and others. Honesty builds strong relationships. You misinterpret "fear" as "feelings," making you doubt your intuition. Life's solutions are rarely "black or white". The answer lies beyond the nervous worries of endings and transitions.

Trusting your intuition is hard. Your worries start to give rise to "what if" scenarios. "What if I'm wrong?" "What if this is just a big mistake?" What if I don't belong? What if things don't work out despite everything?" These worries are as thin and shallow as a thin sheet trying to cover up the vast sea. You don't instinctively fear.

Check your body to distinguish between fears and instincts. Tension and anxiety are physical manifestations of fear. However, instincts make you sharp, clear, and empowered to act. You'll find your intuition once you loosen up a bit and venture deeper into your heart and within yourself. When you're lost, your instincts will guide you.


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