October 2023 Tarot Card Readings: What the Cards Say About Your Month Ahead


Lavanya Arora

10/2/20236 min read

Welcome to your October 2023 tarot card readings! This month, the cards are bringing us a message of change and transformation. It's a time to let go of the old, embrace the new, and step into your power.

Now, let's see what the cards have to say for you in October 2023!


To know your monthly tarot reading, you must calm your mind and select a choice that grabs your attention.

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Choice 1 - Five Of Swords (Reversed)

This month's energy points to a problem being solved peacefully, an argument coming to an end, and life going on as usual. It emphasises conversation, compromise, problem-solving, and relaxation. Read the situation and respond properly, since you may risk losing a lot if you don't listen to the warning signs and know when to give up and when to keep going. If the other party continues to sit on its high horse, heated disputes and revenge may increase.

If you're in a relationship:

Both of you will work to resolve conflicts and understand each other. You can forgive and connect, but this peace can only last if you pursue it. Remembering old habits will undermine the progress you have made. Communication may break down if you or your partner play the blame game out of ego, causing more relationship issues. Disloyalty or dishonesty will be revealed. Avoid aggression by withdrawing.

If you're single:

You might have come to the conclusion that you have been overly critical or dismissive of a potential partner, and as a result, you might now be willing to give them a chance, or they might be willing to give you a chance.


A workplace dispute may be resolved. Conversations can reduce tensions, compromise, and resolve conflicts this month. Making sacrifices may be necessary to advance in your career. If someone sabotages your efforts, the dispute may escalate. Deception or shady business deals will be uncovered and the guilty fired or disgraced.

Choice 2 - The Devil

The energy this month suggests restraint and addiction. If you feel powerless and victimised, outside factors may be confining you. Your imagination constructed this illusion. Only your actions determine your fate. Maintain your strength and don't quit. You don't have to put up with abuse, criticism, or manipulation. You can always do something helpful to improve your position, no matter how hopeless it seems. Be aware of how you treat others, and avoid manipulating or controlling them. You may act impulsively, secretively, or obsessively. Material possessions, position, and power could drain you. Put your energy into things that will make you happy from the inside.

If you're in a relationship:

You or your partner may feel trapped. If you feel stuck in a relationship because of abuse, know that you can get out of it. Don't feel helpless, because you're not. Overindulgence in a relationship may also limit your sense of independence. That's unhealthy codependence. Take a break and rediscover your passions! Behavioural issues may be impacting your relationship.

If you're single:

Because you desire to be loved, you may have negative or risky sexual experiences or let others use you, consciously or unconsciously. If so, avoid dating until your self-esteem improves. The Devil might also indicate a terrible relationship. This new partner may be deceptive, violent, abusive, addicted to drugs, or have mental health difficulties. They may be dangerous; therefore, avoid them even if they look interesting.


You might feel stuck in a job that you dislike. Even though you don't feel in control, you are. Determine your career goals and make a shift if necessary. Someone at work is deceitful and may be sabotaging you. Be careful who you trust - they will smile while stabbing you in the back.

Choice 3 - Seven Of Wands

Opposition, battling for your beliefs, and standing your ground are this month’s energies. Walking this route shows self-control, determination, and a strong life philosophy. You will stay strong despite being assaulted, harassed, blamed, or scapegoated. You'll need persistence to handle life's challenges, busyness, and chaos.

If you're in a relationship,

If you want your relationship to be able to endure future challenges, you have to work together. One of you may blame the other for relationship issues. Third parties aim to undermine your relationship, so prevent it. Willpower, patience, and self-control are needed. Don't let others ruin your happiness.

If you're single,

If you care about another person, you should get used to the idea that you will have to compete with other people to get their attention. If you disappear into the background by not taking much initiative, the many other people vying for this person's attention might miss you.


You'll want to fight for what you have. To safeguard your work or social status, you must stand up for yourself. Talent, ambition, and drive make you capable. It could also mean that your faith is being put to the test. Stay true to your values if you're urged to do something improper. If people try to discredit you, defend yourself.

Choice 4 - Queen Of Cups (Reversed)

The general energy of the month is a reflection of emotional immaturity. You may be oversensitive, insecure, depressed, or sulky. Beware of being bitter or spiteful if things go wrong. Avoid spitefulness and jealousy by overcoming your challenges. You may feel weak or superficial.

If you're in a relationship,

Your anxieties or distrust shouldn't hinder your relationship. You may act clingy or needy, so regulate your emotions before pushing your partner away. However, if you've been racing around trying to please your partner, you need to prioritise your own needs or you'll burn out and blame them for demanding too much, which is unjust given you took the initiative.

If you're single,

Your emotional state may attract others who want to exploit your weakness. Take time to resolve your worries and find peace before dating. You may encounter someone who is emotionally unstable, clingy, grumpy, or sulky. To overcome the negativity caused by your reluctance to let go of the past, learn from it, and move on, you must take therapy to work on yourself.


Work stress may result from being overly emotional or sensitive to others' moods. You may overwork, get disorganised, and mismanage your time, leaving you fatigued. Strive for work-life balance. Lack of attention or direction may cause restlessness. You may also feel creatively blocked or constrained.

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