Monthly Tarot Card Readings : April 2024


Lavanya Arora

3/27/20245 min read

Discover your path with our April Tarot Reading 2024. Unveil insights for the month, embrace self-discovery, and confidently step into your unfolding story.

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Choice 1 - Two Of Cups

The energy of this month points to a time of peace and abundance. Be ready for relationships that get along well and are based on mutual respect and recognition. The appearance of this card in a tarot reading is a message of harmony and fairness. Furthermore, its presence portends enhanced attractiveness and popularity in different areas of your life.

If you're in a relationship:

Your relationship will be loving, balanced, and accepting of each other, and you will both be very happy. Very soon, you will either make a bigger promise in your relationship or connect with your partner on a deeper level.

If you're single:

You may experience a blossoming romance or the offer of a relationship with a person with whom you will share a strong connection and be mutually attracted. There can be a reunion with someone from the past.


If you're thinking about starting a business with someone, you should make sure that you and your business partner have similar goals and respect each other. There will be balance and unity at work if you work for someone, and you will get along well with your coworkers.

Choice 2 - Four Of Wands (Reversed)

This month's energy signifies unhappy families, lost surprises, parties, and events. This can include leaving home, postponing reunions, feeling like you don't belong, not being welcomed, and not being supported. Self-doubt and low self-esteem could arise. Lack of teamwork or community spirit can split families and communities.

If you're in a relationship:

You may encounter unhappy family life, failure, instability, insecurity, neglect, and uprootment during a difficult relationship. You and your partner can have disagreements or have trouble getting your family to acknowledge your relationship because of family divisions and celebration postponements or cancellations.

If you're single:

You may struggle with self-doubt and thoughts of inadequacy. Your doubt and longing may increase if the much-anticipated reunion is delayed or does not happen as planned.


Things at work may not go smoothly. Neither a pleasant nor a supportive atmosphere would be present in your place of work. Be prepared for dissatisfaction and interpersonal confrontations. You may not be able to connect with your coworkers because of the toxic environment on the team.

Choice 3 - The World (Reversed)

This month's energy suggests you may not finish what you start, and things may stall. You may use shortcuts instead of working hard to reach your goals. You may spend all your energy on something that doesn't work. This element of your life will consume your energies, not all your troubles. You might already be aware of it and consider it a burden.

If you're in a relationship,

Relationship stagnation is approaching. You and your partner may have let things slide, so you need to work harder and communicate more to fix it. If you've been working hard on your relationship but it's not improving, you may need to rethink if it's good for you because different individuals have different wants and needs.

If you're single,

You may feel like your love life has failed because you haven't been out enough to meet the right people. You may struggle to move on following an unexpected breakup. Don't waste your life waiting for them. Finding peace with your ex may be impossible, so you must find another approach. It will take a lot of effort, but you'll get through it.


You will realise you have not achieved your career ambitions yet. You may feel underachieving. You fear making mistakes. Being frightened to make mistakes or suffering in silence are both disastrous, but they lead to a happier outcome. Consider unusual employment paths or innovative thinking if you're looking for answers.

Choice 4 - The Hermit (Reversed)

This month's energy says you'll seclude yourself a bit too much. You may have needed alone, but it's time to return to the world and the people around you. You must draw a line and proceed. You may be shy or anxious in social situations. You may postpone self-reflection because you're terrified of what you'll find. It could indicate a desire to be certain or rigidity in your views.

If you're in a relationship,

You may feel rejected/distant by your partner. Your partner and you may be too busy to connect. This can make you lonely in a relationship. One person may withdraw while the other clings to the relationship.

If you're single,

You may worry about being overlooked or missing out on an unforgettable someone. After years of singlehood, start dating again. Put aside your anxieties and try again. After a breakup, you may want to reconnect for familiarity.


After a period of solitude, it's good to network and work in teams or consultancies. Collaboration with peers can change the game. It facilitates meaningful conversations and builds a network for future endeavours. Avoiding solo work challenges is also a benefit.

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