Message from the universe | August 2022

Message from the universe is a beautiful way to find the subtle lessons that the universe is trying to teach you. Leverage the power of tarot card reading and connect with the universe to live the life you want.


Lavanya Arora

8/13/20225 min read

What lesson is the universe asking me to learn at this time?

The universe works in mysterious ways. It is constantly trying to improve you by sending challenges in the form of difficult circumstances, toxic people, and situations that have burdened us for a long time. But, the universe doesn’t always make these things obvious, and it may take keen effort to notice these messages.

This article contains 4 energy messages from the universe that can help us understand and learn to reach our full potential.

Here's the table of content:

  1. Select your Card

  2. Find your message from the universe

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    4. Choice 4

  3. How Long is the message valid?

To know your message from the universe, you need to calm your mind. Please close your eyes and take two deep breaths and now choose the card number which instinctively draws your attention.

Note - This is a general reading and might not be personalized to your situation. For a personalized reading, click here


Select your card

Find your message

Choice 1 - The Star

Let go of any baggage you have been carrying

From past relationships - You need to take responsibility for yourself and your attitude in life. Heal the wounds of the past and leave them where they belong. Release your fears and let go of the negative energy you’ve been holding on to move forward. A change in attitude is needed to bring about a change of circumstances. Don’t allow yourself to continue to play the victim if you have long since left the situation in which you were victimized. It’s time to heal the past, draw a line under it, and move forward. Seek support to do this if you need to. You can do anything you set your mind to, you just have to believe in yourself and focus on the positive. Things are not as bad as they seem and anything you are unhappy with is within your power to change.

TIP - Start small and find one or two things to be grateful for each day. A creative outlet might also be helpful to you if you are artistically inclined. Rediscover your creative side, it will help you heal.

Embrace the flow of life

Things happen even when you don't want them to. And resisting this flow and these changes can cause a lot of struggle in your life. It can cause you to become bitter and regretful. Embracing the flow of life can improve your happiness, help you be more engaged and motivated in life, and increase your fulfillment. When we go with the flow, work is effortless. We're in a state of high cognition where we feel fully present and deeply focused on everything we do.

the star tarot card
the star tarot card

Choice 2 - Five of Wands (Reversed)

Don’t suffer in silence!

You have learned how to suppress your temper and cooperate with people you may not get along with. When you avoid confrontation, you're compromising your true feelings and storing up frustration that can negatively affect your relationships and health. Suffering in silence only prolongs your suffering. You are less likely to get the help you need if you withhold how you feel. The less you let others know how you feel, the more likely you are to ruminate and allow your inner critical voice to spin in your head.

Tip - Practicing assertiveness can help you overcome suffering in silence and boost self-confidence. Don’t be afraid; get out there, meet new people and try to make your point with them to regain your confidence.

Don’t be fearful of appearing too competitive or ruffling anyone’s feathers

Don’t keep your ideas and thoughts to yourself because you feel your ideas and feelings are still half-baked and won’t be seen as valuable. You don’t feel like fighting for what you want. You are afraid of being criticized for your success by others who may not resonate with what you think and feel. Taking responsibility for how your ideas/thoughts/ feelings or, for that matter, your success will make others feel will pull you down and make you feel inadequate and frustrated with yourself.

five of wands tarot card
five of wands tarot card

Choice 3 - Five of Cups

You must deal with the present and try to stay grounded.

No matter how bad things may seem, there is always a silver lining; you must choose to see it. If you stay focused on your sense of loss, you shall remain consumed by remorse, regret, or guilt.

Perhaps due to mistakes you made in a past relationship or the other way around, your past sufferings will completely consume your brain. Staying grounded will help you to avoid the continuous anxiety you may feel due to this. Practicing humility will help you have more control over your life and dramatically boost your mood.

You need to forgive those who have wronged you for your own sake to move forward on your life’s path.

Forgiveness is not about accepting or excusing their behavior. It’s about stopping what they’ve done from destroying your heart and becoming a drain on your energy.

TIP - Try to visualize anyone who has hurt you coming to you to apologize for the pain they might have caused you in the past and ask the universe to give you the power to forgive them, forgive yourself, and release the pain you have been holding on to.

five of cups tarot card
five of cups tarot card

Choice 4 - Eight of Cups


Escapism is the opposite of mindfulness. When we escape, we try to avoid spending time with ourselves. It is a form of self-suppression that stems from motives to escape unpleasant thoughts, self-perceptions, and emotions. It allows us to numb ourselves to a reality we do not want to accept. This way, we can avoid feelings of emotional pain. But ultimately, we are responsible for the decisions we take.

TIP - Strength and courage are necessary to walk away from what you know into an unknown future. Try to do all the things that make you feel like giving up and quitting. No matter what, try to make them a part of your life, and do them until you feel that you won’t run from them anymore, and until that time, face your fear of not being able to get through the entire experience one step at a time.

Abandonment issues

Abandonment issues involve a deep fear of being hurt, rejected, or abandoned. When you fear being abandoned or left by yourself, you feel a form of anxiety that often develops in response to specific painful or traumatic experiences like childhood abuse, neglect, or the loss of a loved one. It is closely linked to insecure attachment styles, which are characterized by difficulty forming close, stable relationships with others.

Some people with abandonment issues tend to push people away, remain overly guarded, and avoid opening up, while others become needy and co-dependent. Abandonment issues can lead you to experience negative emotions, and you tend to easily become anxious/ irritated/frustrated/angry.

eight of cups tarot card
eight of cups tarot card

For how long is the message from the universe valid?

Since tarot card reading is energy-based, whenever you find yourself on this post, you can consider this a message from the universe. However, please ensure that you only select a choice that you feel an instant connection with - a forced selection might result in an incorrect message.

Is this message personalized?

Only on a broad level, this reading will resonate with you. For a detailed reading, write to me at or message me on WhatsApp here.