Monthly Tarot Card Readings : March 2024


Lavanya Arora

3/1/20245 min read

Discover your path with our March Tarot Reading 2024. Unveil insights for the month, embrace self-discovery, and confidently step into your unfolding story.

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Choice 1 - Six Of Cups

This month's energy brings back memories of childhood and past experiences. You might find yourself thinking about old times or someone from your past. If you're struggling, don't hesitate to reach out to family and friends for help. Just be mindful of not acting too immaturely in the process.

If you're in a relationship,

During tough times in your relationship, reminiscing about happy moments can offer solace. However, don't dwell solely on the past. Use it to guide your future, learning what to cherish and what to let go of. Past experiences serve as lessons for shaping your path forward with your partner.

If you're single,

You might reconnect with an old flame, start dating a friend from your childhood, or find love in your hometown or with someone linked to your upbringing.


Your previous job experiences offer valuable lessons for your future endeavours. Reflect on your successes and avoid repeating past errors. You may contemplate a career change, possibly revisiting a profession or job you left before.

Choice 2 - Knight Of Wands (Reversed)

This month's energy indicates potential hurdles in your plans and initiatives. Fear and a lack of motivation might hinder your progress, making it challenging to stay focused and disciplined. Consider postponing major actions for now and avoiding unnecessary stress. Take a moment to pause and reassess to prevent potential setbacks.

If you're in a relationship:

Your partner may show irrationality, possessiveness, and dominance. Look for maturity in a potential long-term companion. Either of you may lack interest in the relationship, leading to reluctance to sustain it with effort or initiative.

If you're single:

You may encounter someone aggressive, volatile, or abusive, or notice these traits in a romantic partner. Prioritize your safety when dating. Stay true to your values and standards. Don't compromise on your expectations.


If you're uncertain about your career direction, it's natural to worry. Without finding a truly fulfilling job, you may keep switching without setting long-term goals. Your business idea might not unfold as expected, but staying positive is key. Perhaps it's not the best time to launch, or more groundwork is needed for success.

Choice 3 - Ace Of Cups (Reversed)

This month may stir up sadness, pain, or buried emotions, possibly due to unsettling news. You might feel less inclined to socialize. Planned gatherings could be cancelled, and there may be negative reactions or ill feelings from those around you.

If you're in a relationship,

You're holding back from fully opening up to your partner, perhaps due to past hurt. Overcoming this struggle with vulnerability is crucial for your relationship's progress. Failure to address these issues could hinder your bond, possibly leading to a breakup or divorce in extreme cases.

If you're single,

Starting or maintaining a relationship might be tough for you now. Suppressed emotions or lingering feelings for a past love may hinder your ability to open up. High expectations may lead to disappointment in potential partners, making it challenging to find lasting connections.


If you're not happy with your job and feel stuck creatively, you might not find the inspiration you need. When job hunting, responses might not be what you hoped for. It's important to clarify what you want and what steps to take to achieve it.

Choice 4 - Seven Of Swords (Reversed)

This month's energy suggests honesty and a conscience awakening. If you've made mistakes, you might confess and seek redemption. Ignoring warnings or flawed plans could lead to setbacks. Beware of cowardly behavior, such as avoiding consequences or taking credit for others' work, which may backfire.

If you're in a relationship,

Lies will be exposed, prompting deceivers, either you or your partner, to confess wrongdoing for peace of mind. Dishonesty may breed anxiety, and it's better to come clean. Being genuine and authentic will be more fulfilling than pretending or playing games, sparing you from the need to constantly change for acceptance.

If you're single,

Be cautious, as you might encounter someone who lies a lot or cheats frequently. This could signal that you're ready to leave behind the game-playing from your past relationships and be more honest with new partners.


If you've been dishonest at work, guilt may prompt confession or exposure. A colleague's deceit may also come to light, leading to consequences they may try to avoid. If your current plans aren't working, it's time to discontinue the previous plan of action and rethink and get creative for better solutions.

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