Is your career aligned with your purpose?

A good career may be enough for everything we need, but may never be enough for everything we want. In this career tarot article, we will explore whether your career and passion are aligned, and if not then why?


Lavanya Arora

10/1/20225 min read

People often confuse a great career with passion or purpose, and while in some cases, the lines can blur or, in more straightforward terms, all three things can intersect, it is more likely that they don't.

When I was young, my mother would always say that "Life would be set if you did this...". And even though it seemed odd, I felt that this is what purpose must feel like - an effort or challenge to excel at a race I did not choose. Now, it wasn't just me who felt this - seeing my peers striving for the same or similar goals only strengthened my belief that this is what purpose is; Our purpose is nothing but a race for a better life.

However, the reality can't be more off than what I just described. After recollecting my teenage years and talking to hundreds of clients, I have realized that a great career does not necessarily translate into achieving your purpose, in fact, most of us sometimes don't even know what our purpose is, and that is what exactly we will talk about today.

In this article, I will help you assess whether your career and life purpose are aligned with each other, and if not, then why not.

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Choice 1 - Nine Of Wands (Reversed)

Is your career aligned with your passion? NO

Here’s Why:

It's likely you're feeling that your efforts in the workplace or on a current project aren't paying off. It's clear that exhaustion, both personal and professional, is clouding your judgment and decision-making.

It may help to take a breather and refocus your energy if you step back for a moment. Assess whether or not you should continue in your current direction. Maybe you're attempting to impose effort on your business or job when you're really just beating a dead horse.

Again, stop and think about whether or not you should follow through with your plans. You are reluctant to take a chance on yourself. You might be hesitant to make any significant life changes or commitments for fear of being stuck in a rut forever. You have a tendency to mistrust others, which leads you to build walls to keep people out. These walls eventually become your cage. There's a chance you're considering deception or escape because you're worried you don't have what it takes to deal with any future obstacles.

However, you should work to improve this situation since it may be a self-imposed barrier keeping you from progressing further in life. It tells you to take risks, but to weigh the potential consequences before acting hastily.


Choice 2 - Six Of Pentacles

Is your career aligned with your passion? YES

Here’s Why:

You experience absolute satisfaction in your work. Your efforts are highly valued. You'll accomplish more than you expect if you put an emphasis on your inner fulfillment and remind yourself of why you do the job you do.

If you've been putting in a lot of hard work, expect to receive good news soon. Someone in a position of authority may be kind to you. A manager or influential business partner might do this by giving you a financial bonus, their time, support, or advice in order to help you achieve your goals.

According to the card, you are either the one providing material help or you are gratefully receiving the assistance you require to develop and flourish in your work. Someone more experienced at work or a well-wisher in your personal network might be willing to assist you in achieving your professional objectives. In order to help you succeed, gain additional skills, and advance along your career path, this mentor may be very generous with their time and energy. The changes will be even better than you anticipate if you're looking for a new job or considering a shift in career. There are people or investors who are more than willing to help you expand your business if you want to start one.


Choice 3 - Eight Of Cups (Reversed)

Is your career aligned with your passion? NO

Here’s Why:

Your job may have become monotonous and unfulfilling, but you are hesitant to change because you don't want to lose what you have. You may not have looked into all the options you had and have instead chosen to accept the way things are.

You have to be open to change. If your job doesn't make you happy, you are the only one who can change that, even if that means switching your career wholly. Go after what you want with courage. If you are self-employed, you might be afraid to give up a business that is no longer making you money. You may be holding on to a job or business that you should leave because you are afraid of losing the financial security it gives you.

You don't know which way to go. You are confused because you don't know what is best for you, and as a result, you tend to get lost in a sea of uncertainty. You might feel like you have no direction in life and no clear goals. And in the end, you might just go where life's waves take you.

On the other hand, you may already know what you need to do. There is something in your life that hasn't brought you joy or pleasure in a long time, but even though your heart desires to fly away from it, you stay. You're afraid of both change and the loss of something that has given you a lot of comforts. The thought of leaving the safety of what you've built scares you. You may feel like your job isn't giving you what you want, but you can change that.

Either you can accept a role that doesn't make you feel good, give you a chance to be creative, or help you grow, or you can make the changes and for that, you need to look elsewhere. Don't be afraid to give up something that isn't helping you anymore. If you are holding on to your business or job out of fear or a sense of duty, now is the time to let go. You deserve better, and if you take a chance on yourself and begin this journey, you will find even more happiness and success.


How long is this message valid?

Career-related challenges are something you are bound to face in any phase of your life, and if you have landed on this article in the pursuit of bettering your career, then you can consider your chosen option as a valid message. However, please ensure that you are going through the process and are not selecting options after reading the cards or selecting cards based on your preferences since that would result in a forced message, which is always invalid.

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