Tarot Guidance | How Can I Improve My Social Life?

A good social life is probably one thing everyone desires, but not everyone gets it the way they want. Instead of giving up, find the root cause of your social woes and get help to overcome these hurdles.


Lavanya Arora

10/9/20226 min read

When I was in school, I always wished that someone would come to me and invite me over to talk to them or invite me over to a party; I just wanted to be a part of something; this emotion was so strong that it almost became a fantasy. And even though this wish never came true and I spent my whole school life as a loner who identified herself as an introvert who hates social interaction - Deep-down, I wanted all of that.

When I think about it now, I understand that at the end of everything that we strive for, healthy social life is something that each one of us craves, no matter how limited that may be. In my case, it was the feeling of being a part of the group, while in your case, it could just be one person with whom you could talk openly and honestly.

So, why do we struggle to maintain a social life?

Remember when I said, "I wished that people would come to..." - That was my problem; I thought if people weren't inviting me, then they didn't want me. For most of my clients, it is their never-ending sense of insecurity that their presence does not matter, and others simply don't care or sometimes even don't want them to be there.

So, to help you understand the root cause of why you are struggling to maintain a social life and how you can improve the same, I have created this tarot guidance post which will help you pinpoint exactly what you need to work on taking that next step towards a more fulfilling social life.

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Choice 1 - Five of Cups

You have a propensity to focus on the bad. This can be the effect of a trauma or an unpleasant transition you have gone through. You could be carrying feelings of intense resentment, dissatisfaction, or anger.

As the saying goes, holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. You are experiencing mental health problems as a result of this emotional baggage.

You get panic attacks in social circumstances because of depression brought on by grief or sadness or because you feel the urge to isolate yourself. To go on in life and be able to trust people to form relationships, you must be able to forgive those who have harmed you for your benefit.

To assist you in putting these emotions behind you, explore counseling or energy healing. Ask the universe to help you forgive them, forgive yourself, and let go of the pain you've been holding on to by imagining the people who have hurt you coming to you to say sorry for what they did. Take baby steps at first, like having a quiet coffee with a reliable friend, and then gradually reintroduce yourself to your preferred social groups based on your interests and hobbies.

There is always a bright side to everything; you just have to choose to see it. Once you do, you'll realize that this event has taught you some valuable lessons that will give you an advantage in the near future.


Choice 2 - Nine of Swords

Your level of fear and worry is so high that it makes you think things are worse than they really are.

The more you let your fears rule your life, the more they will. You worry too much about things that might happen, and your negative thoughts are getting the best of you, causing you to feel stressed and anxious. It turns into a bad cycle in which one bad thought leads to another, and another, and another, until you can't handle it anymore. Just as the nine swords on the wall in this tarot card are piled on top of each other, so are your negative thoughts.

When you keep having bad thoughts over and over in your head, you might manifest them in your life. So, you must break out of this pattern. When a negative emotion comes up, replace it with a pleasant one instead. If necessary, start with the basics and count your blessings. Take a step back and look at things differently. Instead of looking for evidence of what is going wrong, put your emphasis on what is going right. Take a deep breath and realize that life is not as bad as it seems and that the more you worry, the more harm you are doing to yourself. You might not be getting enough sleep or have a lot of bad dreams. Your constant thoughts make it hard for you to rest and get over your dilemmas. Now is the time to ask for help. You don't have to do this by yourself. Ask for help from others or a professional to get through this hard time in your life. They will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and lead you to a solution or a sense of peace despite your difficulties.

Since you keep having bad thoughts, it's hard for you to look at your situation clearly. An objective, the third-party view, will help you find a way out. This will improve not only your social life but also your personal and professional lives.


Choice 3 - Three of Pentacles

You seek external validation by outshining others and thereby proving that you are superior to or worth more than another person.

It is critical to discover where your feelings of inadequacy stem from by focusing on times in your life when you were conditioned to believe that you were only valuable if you were "measured up.

"You may have been forced as a child to fulfill impractically high standards and compete with peers or siblings for parental attention. Ultimately, if you feel like you "need" to compete, it's because you subconsciously believe you need to prove that you're good enough. Since you never want to seem inferior, you continually strive to prove that you're superior. Sometimes you take on others' expectations because you assume that's what they want. So, you're in an odd spot where failing is intolerable.

Sometimes you see others' accomplishments as your own failures because you're not as excellent as they are at something, and you add it to your "to-do" list. When you can't replicate their achievement, you feel furious, frustrated, and lose confidence. This negative mood can grow quickly, making you disappointed in yourself and resentful of others who do better.

When you learn that in authentic relationships, the comparison doesn't exist and the abilities don't matter, what matters is a genuine heart and pure intention. Once you make this transition, you'll love your social life. You will be part of a social life where people value different ideas and perspectives and appreciate the wisdom and experience of others. Even when their backgrounds, experiences, and expertise are very different from yours, everyone will share their insight in a way that creates synergy and improves everyone personally.


How long is this message valid?

Career-related challenges are something you are bound to face in any phase of your life, and if you have landed on this article in the pursuit of bettering your career, then you can consider your chosen option as a valid message. However, please ensure that you are going through the process and are not selecting options after reading the cards or selecting cards based on your preferences since that would result in a forced message, which is always invalid.

Is this message personalized?

Only on a broad level, this reading will resonate with you. For detailed reading, write to me at tarotwithlavanya@gmail.com or message me on WhatsApp here.

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