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Lavanya Arora

10/8/20225 min read

Confidence, in layman's words, is a state of mind in which one believes in one's own abilities and potential. This indicates consciousness and a feeling of power over one's life. You have a healthy respect for yourself and a firm grasp of your own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. You are able to create and achieve realistic goals, convey your ideas clearly, and take constructive criticism effectively.

However, the absence of confidence can be the sole cause behind several of your shortcomings. It could also be the reason behind your dissatisfaction and inability to express yourself. Find out, with the help of tarot reading, how to build your confidence.

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Choice 1 - Page of Swords

In general, you are overprotective, guarded, cautious, and impatient.

You should make a conscious effort to be patient and to think things through before you speak so that you don't get sucked into pointless confrontations or disagreements that may cause you to second-guess yourself later on. You have a strong desire for fairness and are not afraid to speak out against injustice. But your lack of patience and impulsive reactions to tough situations undermine your sense of self-worth. You are inquisitive, analytical, and sensible. You have a brilliant mind, innovative thinking, and firm values, but others tend to ignore what you have to say because of your abrupt or offensive ways. In actuality, it is your own actions and outlook that are making you doubt your abilities. Therefore, don't let this discourage you.

You have a strong personality, but you need to hold your horses. By all means, fight your corner over the important things, but you need to look at the people around you before you speak to choose the most effective approach to articulate your perspective and the solutions you propose. The way others treat you and how you feel about yourself will both change. This will give a huge boost to your self-confidence.


Choice 2 - Six of Wands

You have the impression that those around you are unsupportive of your beliefs and ambitions and don't want to celebrate your successes. You believe that your loved ones, from whom you seek support, have inflated egos and are arrogant and that this is what kills your confidence. As a result, you have self-esteem issues, which have delayed your efforts to achieve what you aspire to in your life.

Part of it may be true, but the other side of the story is that you must recognize that any change needed to turn this situation around must begin with you. Be a leader rather than a follower! You are at a point in your life where, if you are able to come to the above-mentioned insight, you may as well realize that you have a choice whether to continue thinking about their dislike and wishing for their approval or just get started with what you aspire to do either way, as it is far more preferable to doing nothing and remaining bitter.

Begin by supporting others to whom you can offer help, as you have the necessary leadership traits that need to be explored before you take the initiative for yourself. Make time for the things you want to do - brainstorm, plan, decide how best to implement your plan, and seek advice if you're stuck. Allow no attention, pleasant or unpleasant, to enter your head and distract you from your commitments. The more initiative and responsibility you take for yourself, the more confident and respectful you will feel toward yourself.


Choice 3 - King of Wands - Reversed

You may lack the motivation, experience, or energy to accomplish what you planned on achieving by this time. You are trying to escape reality by taking a back seat and not being proactive in your life.

You may feel that you are giving away your power and setting a bad example for those who look up to you. You may be worrying about other people’s opinions of you. You may be afraid to be different or step outside of your comfort zone for fear of what might happen if things don't go as you plan, leading you to believe that you are not worth it and hampering your self-confidence in the process of doing so.

Because you are afraid of not being able to control and achieve the results you believe are expected of you by others, you may act passive or unfocused and wait for things to fall into your lap, or you may pay too much attention to what others say about you as if you were standing in front of a jury.

To boost your confidence, you need to prioritize your tasks, follow through on your commitments, make practical decisions based on your current lifestyle and situation at hand, and take action. Even if you fail, you will know what not to do in your next attempt, and the fact that you tried will make you feel like you made an effort, and you can do it again without making the same mistakes you made in the first attempt, which is precisely the kind of confidence you need in yourself.

Choice 4 - Queen of Swords

A woman in your life will step in when you are vulnerable and protect you or help you overcome your problem with self-confidence. She will be intelligent, honest, and candid. You need to be realistic, alert, and not mistrustful so that you are able to receive constructive criticism, as you would do well to listen to it.

Once you do, you will be open-minded and self-reliant. You may be suppressing some pain or sadness from the past. This woman, from whom you must seek guidance, may have experienced loss or suffering herself and has gained much inner strength and wisdom from her experiences. She has strong empathy and is a great person to have in your corner if you are vulnerable, as she will support you to come out of it.

However, if you are in the wrong, you can expect her to call you out on it without mincing her words. You need to be straightforward and seek this person’s help as people in your life will respect you for your honesty and integrity. Once you understand why and how you can become comfortable being straightforward about what you feel with people, you will feel empowered and self-confident.


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