Monthly Tarot Card Readings : February 2024


Lavanya Arora

2/1/20245 min read

Discover your path with our February Tarot Reading 2024. Unveil insights for the month, embrace self-discovery, and confidently step into your unfolding story.

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Choice 1 - Page Of Wands

Good news should arrive soon with this month's energy. It could be through letters, phone conversations, or even just word of mouth. You may be inspired, creative, make significant goals, and identify what motivates you. You could be quick to try new things without giving them enough time and thought. Releasing your inner child may make you playful and fun.

If you're in a relationship,

Positive or heartwarming updates could arrive. Your passionate relationship will make for interesting days and nights. Vacationing or trying a new activity with your partner could bring excitement. If you're unhappy in the relationship, it's "make or break" time. You may have had a passionate relationship, but now that the thrill is down, you're concerned about compatibility. Avoid being clingy to your partner during this phase if the relationship is worth continuing for you, as it can be damaging. Follow your own interests to let yourself and your partner miss each other and enhance the romance.

If you're single,

Your new romance is approaching. This speedy romance will be lively, flirtatious, exciting, and intense. However, the relationship may end, or the person may just be a flirt. Avoid jealousy and neediness to keep them interested if you wish to continue your relationship with them.


You are starting or considering a new job, project, or business you are passionate about. You may jump into a new venture without thinking through things thoroughly, so plan ahead. Work can make you travel. This card signifies good fortune if you're awaiting a job or promotion decision.

Choice 2 - Three Of Cups

The energy of this month foretells reunion, celebration, mutual respect, and community. You will socialise, make friends, and benefit from community interaction. Soak up cheerful times, wonderful energy, and good experiences.

If you're in a relationship:

There can be a party that you're looking forward to, like a wedding, baby shower, engagement, etc. There will be moments of joy and milestones to commemorate in your relationship. Additionally, you and your partner may go to events or travel for a great time together.

If you're single:

Someone you've dated in the past might make a romantic comeback. Additionally, after a while of being alone, you might find that you have more potential suitors.


Work or career celebrations may occur. Your workplace will be lively, or your projects will be recognised. Your teamwork will go smoothly, and everyone will get along. You may be promoted or offered a new job.

Choice 3 - Ten Of Swords (Reversed)

This month's energy seems extreme. Everything will either improve or become more serious. The crisis will either pass or it won't. Get your act together and learn from your struggles. Past issues may reappear, so fix them decisively.

If you're in a relationship,

Your relationship will either recover from a near-collapse or crumble into irreparable pieces. Your instincts will tell you to get out of an abusive relationship if you are in one. Keep in mind that things could escalate significantly if you do nothing.

If you're single,

Your sadness and loss will subside following a difficult breakup. This difficult moment will teach you how to overcome bitterness, hate, and resentment. You may also slip into depression following the breakup, unable to accept it. Avoid falling into the mud again by being careful and getting help.


It's likely that you'll have either overcome the most taxing parts of your job or become so attached to it for personal or professional reasons that you struggle with the thought of leaving. As a business owner, you can start to see your company recover.

Choice 4 - Seven Of Cups

This month's energies may help you wake up from daydreams and delusions. Indecision and confusion may lead you to take bold moves and clearly determine your best course of action. However, you may feel stuck because you believe your options and chances are limited. Try to maximise your possibilities if this is the case.

If you're in a relationship,

A reality check on your relationship will come after a period of denial. When everything is clear, you may assess the relationship and attempt to resolve any problems that exist. Ignoring issues won't solve them; it will make the relationship worse, even abusive, so choose wisely.

If you're single,

If you stubbornly hang onto an unrealistic or romanticised ideal partner or relationship, you may be limiting your romantic options. Change up your dating life by going out with someone different from your usual matches. Watch how your date makes you feel without expectations.


You may feel stuck in your career. Sometimes you may feel like you missed a great opportunity because you weren't devoted to your ambitions. Since you cannot reverse the opportunities that have passed you by, strive to create new ones based on your present interests and inclinations.

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